Take a load off and let us put the Purdy into your planning process.

Anyone can follow a timeline or speak to a vendor but that’s not what makes a great event. It takes dedication and an intentional approach. The fast-paced nature of event planning is what I live for at OSP. When things change (and we know they do), I respond with a level head and a game plan.


With more than a decade of wedding, corporate and social event planning experience under my belt, you can count on me to execute your event with energy and humor too – so you can focus on having a good time.

Tracy Miller Owner Oh So Purdy Event Design and Coordination

Meet Tracy

Founder / Entertainment Enthusiast


It all began with a passion for helping my friends plan their events. Later, I  branched off on my own to design small parties, kids birthdays and my love of professional party planning grew into Oh So Purdy Event Coordinating & Design.


I built my business from the ground up and have created a fantastic team of staff and vendors that can assist in any and every event.


I love working with our staff and vendors! If you’re planning any kind of event, you need to GETCHO-SELF a rad group of vendors like us!


Some advice from Tracy herself –

Why should you hire an event coordinator?
Well! Let me just tell ya! We coordinate events from handling EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, to just tying up the loose ends, the last few months with you.


No matter the location or distance from home, it’s HIGHLY recommended. Wedding planners will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track. I like to describe it like this. We work hard and we’re working hard for you to make sure everything is just how you envisioned. We may look all calm and cool, but we’re like ducks on a pond. We appear to just be gliding all graceful on top of the water, but we’re kick, kick, kickin’ below the water, getting **it done!


Event planners can help with your budget constraints and legal… yes, I said legal, contracts. Contracts are IMPORTANT and let me tell yaw why. Different states require different wording in contracts that can and will open up loop holes.


NOT saying all vendor use loop holes but it does happen, some honestly don’t even know they’re doing it. With that being said, we kinda turn into “your lawyer” (we are not actual lawyers). We make sure what your signing is what will fit your needs, wishes and changes if needed.


When you’re booking a event planner/coordinator or any vendor, really, don’t book cause they’re the cheapest (especially DJ’s). Don’t book cause it’s the 1st one that popped in Google. Meet with a few before making a decision.


Personalities HAVE TO, HAVE TO work well together. Hell, interview them 2 times even, if you feel it’s necessary.


Moral of the story let me help you head in the right direction.
I’m just a call or text away.

Don’t know where to start? Can’t find the right venue for you? Don’t want your family or wedding party to set up and clean up your wedding?
Don’t just choose anybody. Let me help you find the right vendors that work for you and your family, your budget, and YOUR style.
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